10:30 am

Vision System Integration Case Studies: Complete Solutions to your Imaging Challenges

AIA Certified System Integrators

ATS Automation, Cyth Systems, LEONI Engineering Products & Services, RADIX, VAIA Technologies

11:45 am

Designing Custom Machine Vision Cameras with EasyMVC

Jeremy Nightingale


Macnica explains the various processing and interfacing blocks found in the FPGAs that are central to high-end machine vision cameras. Discussion centers around their Easy MVC kit, which is essentially a camera designed to be modified for custom purposes or interfaces, complete with the IP building blocks needed to connect to different image sensors including Sony SLVS-EC sensors, image pipeline blocks, interface standards such as HDMI2.0, USB3 Vision, GigE Vision and CoaXpress and software components needed for integration.

1:00 pm

Vision Systems Design 2018 Innovators Award Presentations

John Lewis, Editor in Chief

Vision Systems Design

2:15 pm

Visual Applets Cameras for Preprocessing Your Application within the Camera

Mirko Benz - Product Manager


How to use the LX series with VisualApplets from Silicon Software to preprocess images within the camera and dramatically reduce the bandwith required to transmit images and increase speed. The presentation will include a demonstration of the VisualApplets software.

3:00 pm

Deep Learning Vision Solution of Industry 4.0

Donghee Lee - Business Development Team Vice President



  • Smart Factory Ecosystem
  • Introduction of Deep Learning and Remaining Problems
  • SuaKIT 2.0 and its Functions
  • Technology Disruption Trend in Machine Vision


3:45 pm

Canon's CMOS Image Sensor Overview

Michael Leaning


Be the first to see the TV40 Thermal Imager, a new 24/7 process and assset monitoring solution, built by the brand you trust and backed with a combined history of 150 years in industrial applications, Fluke Instruments. Take control of your manufacturing process through easy integration, comprehensive data visualization, and advanced analysis tools. Learn how the soon to be launched ThermoView system can help you improve product quality and reduce risk of critical equipment failure, with just a few clicks of your mouse.

4:30 pm

CIS Line Scan Cameras for Industrial Applications

Lou Fetch - Business Development Manager CIS Products, Mistubishi Electric
and Starke Farley-Integro Technologies, Senior Sales Engineer

Mitsubishi Electric

Mistubishi Electric, a global leader in CIS line scan technology, will present their line scan cameras using proven CIS imaging technology. The KD series cameras are available in scanning widths from 309 mm to 1064 mm. Camera Link and CoaXPress interfaces are available. Integro Technologies, an AIA Certified Integrator and 2017 Stystem Integrator of the Year by Control Engineering, will present industrial machine vision applications for Mitsubishi KD series cameras, such as scanning a web of material.

10:30 am

PENSO: AI-based Self-learning Vision Unit for Color And Shape Sorting

Luca Bonato - Product Manager, Software and AI

Opto Engineering

Traditional machine vision isn't ideal to inspect objects with variability or to assess the quality of products when the quality criteria are not clearly defined. PENSO® is an artificial intelligence computational unit that self-learns the expected qualitative features of an object by simply looking at a small set of samples. Once trained, PENSO® will start operating autonomously just like a human operator would do. The simple configuration tools allow you to quickly determine if an application can be solved and to set up the unit for online inspection in little or no time.

11:15 am

Multi-spectral, SWIR and Hyperspectral - Next Generation of LED Illumination

James Gardiner


The next generation of LED Illumination is upon us! Metaphase Lighting is bringing the next generation of LEDs, optics, and driver controls technology to machine vision today. This presentation will cover the technology behind the latest LED Illumination that allows vision systems to extract more information than ever before. New driver and optic blending technologies allow Multispectral LED solutions to incorporate more wavelengths in a single light source. High Powered SWIR (short-wave Infrared) LEDs and optics expand the inspection capabilities for Line Scan & Area Scan applications. WE also go into how LED technology is playing a role in Hyperspectral Imaging.

12:00 pm

ABI: An Autonomous Indoor Inspection Drone from Vtrus Inc.

Renato Salas - Moreno (CEO), Jonathan Lenoff (CTO), Carlos Sanchez (CDO)


Many industrial processes rely on the continuous operation of complex equipment to meet production goals. The health of this equipment can directly impact workers safety, production quality and company profits. Routine Inspections are then an important part of predictive maintenance strategies to ensure optimal productivity and help reduce costly downtime. These inspections often require personnel to make repetitive visual observations of equipment which is sometimes located in remote or dangerous environments. Vtrus has developed ABI, and autonomous drone that can navigate indoor environments and repeatedly monitor and observe equipment of interest, without the aid of GPS or additional infrastructure. Equipped with a suite of on-board sensors, ABI can remotely capture vital equipment readings that a team needs, when they need it. This talk will describe current inspection approaches, our novel technical solution and how Vtrus ABI can be integrated into the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) pipeline for automated inspections.

1:15 pm

It's 3-D Easy: Fast, Accurate, Flexible

Kevin McCabe

IDS Imaging

Come see the Ensenso in action & learn how this innovative Stereo Vision camera keeps innovating! Solving your 3D Vision application is easy with the versatile X-Series.

2:00 pm

Global Vision Standards Update

Bob McCurrach, Director of Standards Development

AIA – Advancing Vision + Imaging

3:30 pm

Next Generation Leadership Workshop

Jep Enck, Enck Resources on behalf of the Association for Advancing Automation (A3)

A3 NextGen

10:30 am

The Vision Show Startup Competition

AIA – Advancing Vision + Imaging

Julian Counihan, Partner, Schematic Ventures
Vivjan Myrto, Managing Partner, Hyperplane Venture Capital
Steven Wardell, Director, Imaging, ATS Automation and AIA Vice Chair


Fastree, LogoGrab, Photius, SocialMap, and Vtrus
12:30 pm

Safety in Collaborative Robotics

Carole Franklin, Director of Standard Development

Robotic Industries Association

What is a collaborative robot? Are collaborative robots "safe right out of the box"? How can you be confident that your new collaborative robot system is actually safe to operate in close proximity to your personnel? This talk will cover some common myths and misconceptions about collaborative robotics; introduce you to the relevant safety standards for collaborative robot systems; and provide practical ideas to help you ensure the safety of your collaborative robot system.