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Come learn how vision can help you increase profitability, improve throughput, reduce defects, comply with regulations and solve specific problems.

If you want to learn about the most exciting developments in imaging and vision, be sure to attend the conference portion of The Vision Show, which will run jointly with the trade show. Full of exciting talks, roundtables, and panels, the conference portion of the Show promises to be enlightening for everyone from engineers, to business leaders, to prospective buyers. Check out the agenda, and sign up today to ensure that you get a reduced rate!

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why attend
why attend
why attend
why attend

The vision industry is growing by leaps and bounds. New products, new customers, new applications and everyone really needs to share that and networking at The Vision Show is a great place to do that.

Darrell Cope, Leoni Engineering

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Take advantage of this exclusive opportunity to complete the CVP training and exam while you're at The Vision Show!

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prepare for the future

prepare for the future

Learn about the Present and the Future of Machine Vision
The Vision Show Conference featuring talks, courses for certification, and more. Learn from leading industry figures about new and exciting trends in vision integration, applications and technologies, artificial intelligence, IIot, and Vision & Robotics. Whether you are an engineer, a business leader, or a buyer, the conference promises to give you the knowledge you need to chart the right machine vision course for your company. And don't miss the keynote address at 9 AM on Wednesday!

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Stay ahead

Stay ahead

The Vision Show: Professional Opportunities
The Vision Show conference allows you to take courses and get certified in embedded vision technology. We offer a basic and an advanced certification, and you can take both certifications with the purchase of an all-access pass. Take a look to see if these topics are of interest to you, and sign up today! If you'd rather learn at your own pace, we are happy to provide you with the learning materials in advance so that you only have to sit the exam at the conference. And don't forget to register for the networking party in order to get the most out of your time at the show!

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TOP Reasons to ATTEND


Keep up with the latest technology innovations


Get actionable answers to vision & imaging challenges on the spot


Meet with the industry's key suppliers - all in one place


Learn practical solutions you can implement immediately


Perform hands-on comparisons of products from leading suppliers

The Vision Show Trade Show

In addition to the learning opportunities offered by the conference, we encourage you to attend the free trade show that will occur simultaneously. With over one hundred vendors, it is the perfect opportunity for you to learn about the exciting new developments in embedded vision implementations from the major embedded vision companies. Take what you learn at the conference, and apply it to the connections you make on the floor!

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Hub of Technological Innovation and Historical Beauty

With Cambridge across the river and thirty-five higher educational institutions in the area, Boston is a major research hub set on the beautiful Charles River. After the show, you can enjoy the height of leaf peeping season, and avail yourself of the plentiful fine dining options that Boston has to offer. And, if looking at the future of vision makes you curious about the past, you can enjoy Boston's many fine cultural and historical museums.

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