Werner Feith, IP Architect, Sensor to Image GmbH

Werner Feith

IP Architecht
Sensor to Image GmbH

Master in Physics from TU München, founded Cheops Bildverarbeitung in 1989 with focus on frame grabber, founded Sensor to Image in 1999 with focus on FPGA IP for image processing and OEM image processing products, started Gencam IP FPGA cores for GEV, U3V and CXP in 2005, added IMX FPGA cores in 2015, 3rd party of ALTERA/Lattice/MicroSemi and XILINX on industrial IP and OEM design with FPGA, more then 150 IP customers world wide with biggest IP portfolio in industry, recently handed over Sensor to Image to Euresys to establish Euresys group as and end-to-end supplier in industrial image industry with a unique product portfolio of image generation-, transport-, aquisition- and processing IP range.

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