1201 W. 5th Street T-800
Los Angeles, CA 90017 USA

Tel: (213) 375-8830

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DAQRI, the leader in Professional Grade AR™, empowers workforces to be more effective. DAQRI Worksense™ and DAQRI Smart Glasses® link digital content to the real world to accelerate productivity, communication, and key business processes. From the office to the factory floor, DAQRI customers improve workplace efficiency, safety, and their bottom line. DAQRI develops, markets and sells its platform products from head offices in Los Angeles, California, and Dublin, Ireland. To learn more, please visit http://www.daqri.com.

Products / Services
  • Application Specific Machine Vision Systems
  • Compact Vision Systems
  • Consulting Services
  • Embedded Vision Processors
  • Image Sensors
  • Imaging Boards
  • Input/Output Devices
  • Optics/Lenses/Filters
  • Sensors
  • Smart Cameras
  • Vision Software
  • Vision Systems
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