Back-Bone Inc.

4-155 Terence Matthews Crescent
Kanata, ON K2M 2A8 Canada

Tel: (613) 599-6044

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Located in Ottawa Canada, Back-Bone Gear Inc. was formed by a core team of 3D scanning and photogrammetry specialists with more than 18 years’ experience in Hollywood VFX. Back-Bone sells the only 4K/60 fps or 1080p/1000 fps action cameras in the world capable of attaching virtually any lens and filter types i.e. IR-Cut, NDVI, polarizers etc. US patent protected, we transform the SONY, GoPro and YI action cameras into the most versatile cameras in the world.

Products / Services
  • Application Specific Machine Vision Systems
  • Cameras (excluding Smart Cameras)
  • Compact Vision Systems
  • Components/Peripherals
  • Non-Visible Imaging
  • Optics/Lenses/Filters
  • Smart Cameras
  • Video Microscopes
  • Vision Systems
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