Andon Electronics Corp.

4 Court Drive
Lincoln, RI 02865-4203 USA

Tel: (401) 333-0388
Fax: (401) 333-0287

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Andon makes precision image sensor and optoelectronic sensor sockets used in PCB assembly to avoid 1) device damage from exposure to high temperature solder, ESD, and cleaning solutions; 2) solder joint cracking and associated intermittency due to differences in thermal expansion between device and PCB; 3) the labor and PCB damage associated with de-soldering a faulty device, 4) holding up production until the devices arrive, and 5) device overheating and noise. SENSTACâ„¢ socket contact is specially designed to withstand shock and vibration.

Products / Services
  • Cables/Cable Assemblies /Connectors
  • Components/Peripherals
  • Image Sensors
  • Semiconductor Components
  • Sensors
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