Ajile Light Industries

6-5480 Canotek Road
Ottawa, Ontario K1J 9H5 Canada

Tel: (613) 983-8360

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Ajile’s latest product is the fast, accurate and flexible DepthScan 3D imaging system. With its high accuracy and speed over a large imaging volume, the DepthScan is ideal for vision guided robotics, industrial inspection and metrology. The system delivers point clouds having over 4 million accurate color points at 2 Hz, or up to 30 Hz at reduced resolution. DepthScan systems are based on Ajile’s own smart camera and DMD structured light projector. Ajile products include our easy to use GUI and SDK in C++/Python.

Products / Services
  • Application Specific Machine Vision Systems
  • Cameras (excluding Smart Cameras)
  • Components/Peripherals
  • Consulting Services
  • Embedded Vision Processors
  • Lighting Equipment
  • Smart Cameras
  • Vision Software
  • Vision Systems
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